A company dedicated to the production of finest quality of Fusible Interlining and bleached /finished fabrics. Aruj is primarily producing Fusible Interlining and currently the company is supplying more than 75% of Pakistan’s demand making it the largest manufacturer of Fusible Interlining (Buckram) in Pakistan. Aruj successfully combines the assets of European technology, thermoplastic adhesive from Switzerland and Pakistan’s rich cotton resources.

Our current monthly production capacity is 2 million linear meters of Fusible Interlining. We have complete in-house bleaching/finishing machinery along with Powder Dot Coating from Switzerland, in working width of 72 inches. Interlining is produced in Cotton, Polyester Cotton, ranging from 115 gsm to 350 gsm.

  • Interlining
  • Singe Desize

    Singe Desize

    • One Singeing/Desizing Machine from local made.
    • Its working width is up to 102”.
    • There are four gas burner to singe thoroughly.
    • There is one Brushing and Dust collection unit pre singeing.
    • Its impregnation tank is 2000 litter.
    • Total cloth contents are 120 meter.

  • Keir Bleach

    Keir Bleach

    • There are four keir for Scouring/Bleaching.
    • Capacity of each keir is 3.5 tons.
    • There are four rope washing and cloth contents of each washing is 12 meter.
    • Washing are heated with steam.

  • Drying


    • There is one drying machine with pre opening scutcher machine.
    • There are 24 steam cylinder in drying
    • Its working washing width is up to 98”

  • Finishing


    • There is one Stenter Finishing machine model of Babcock Germany
    • Its working width is up to 92”
    • There are 16 chambers in this machine.
    • Temperature can be achieved up to 200®C.
    • There is dual Pin and Clip chain
    • Its heating system is Thermo Oil heating

  • Calanders


    • There are ‘2’ Calander Machine.
    • Working width of both machine are up to 72”
    • One machine has five bourts and other is seven bourts.
    • One machine has one Teflon bowl others Stainless Steel bowls.
    • 2nd machine has two cotton bourts and other five and steel bowles.
    • Both machine controlled by Hydraulic Pressure heating system is Thermo Oil heating.

  • Coating Machine

    Coating Machine

    • There are two HDPE coating Machine from CARATSCH AG Germany.
    • Working width of one is 72” and other is 80”.
    • Its heating system is Thermo Oil heating and can be Heat up to 230°C.
    • Cloth contents of each Machine is 20 meter.

  • Rolling


    • No. of Rolling machine are two from Monforts Germany.
    • Working width of one Machine is 60” and other is 72”.